Political Career

Tarique Zia is the youngest leader who became as the Senior Vice-President of BNP. He took the position in party hierarchy on 8th December’2009. With the demand of party’s ranks and files and considering his organizing capacity BNP standing committee appointed him as Youngest Senior Joint Secretary General on June 2002. As a member of a influential political family, Tarique Zia started his journey in the political field touring with his mother and BNP chairperson Begum Khaleda Zia in the general election held in 1991, 1996. But in the year 2001, Tarique Zia  contributed a lot in the general election held 2001, which brought a landslide victory for BNP. He made the plan and applied the strategies and tactics to conduct the general election 1n 2001 which proves his capacity as politicians as well an brilliant leader. He grew up with a political atmosphere, as his father was the president of the country and founder of the most popular political party BNP and mother was the prime minister of country and now BNP chairperson. Being inspired by the ideals of his father and mother, he formally involved in the party activities, being primary member of the party’s BOGRA district committee. Since then he has been involved intensively in his home district, Bogra, to institutionalize a democratic culture in the Party. His frantic efforts, commonly known as the `Bogra Model’, which has become very popular among the root level party workers, have resulted in a system of electing Party leadership from the grassroots.

Tarique Zia‘s mother Begum Khaleda Zia was the first woman in Bangladesh who elected Prime Minister of Bangladesh and served the country three times as Prime minister securing people mandate again and again. Tarique Zia got an opportunity to work closely for the Party during the general election campaign in 1996. As the Joint Secretary General-1 he were encouraging implementation of this Model through out the country and the world


His sacrifices

Torture on Tareque Zia Inside Custody

When army controlled interim government arrested Tarique Zia along with a large number of politicians, including the current Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on charges of corruption, a number of influential leaders of a particular political party, in collaboration of some senseless army officers, conspired to kill Tarique Zia inside the prison, fearing, he would one day, become the new generation ‘Ziaur Rahman‘ in Bangladesh. As part of such conspiracy, Tarique Zia was thrown from around 12 feet height on the floor, being blind folded and hands handcuffed, inside a torture cell located in Dhaka Cantonment.

A huge contrast between Tarique Zia‘s physique while being arrested on 7 March 2007 and months later raised question of human rights abuse on him against the government. After some months under arrest, Tarique Zia lost his ability to walk by himself and lost the ability to stand without help. Some days later his condition deteriorated and jail officials confirmed that Tarique Zia was facing difficulties to make a slightly physical move. Members of his medical board stated that the deterioration of his physique seems to be result of falling upon a hard surface from a respectable altitude and being hit by something hard. The thing was clear that Tarique Zia was being tortured inside custody all along. The court initially rejected his lawyers’ appeal to keep him away of remand. As a result, weeks later he was seen to attend the trial by an ambulance, from where he was completely unable to get off or to be taken to the court room. This time the court seemed to be taking his torture allegations seriously and reject government’s appeal to have him remanded.

He was kept in BSMMU where his doctors were constantly admitting about brutal torture over him. Later, a chain of medical tests ratified the fear that doctors did earlier. The X-ray reports showed that three of 24 vertebras of his vertebral column have been broken and completely shattered. His lawyer Barrister Rafiqul Islam Mia debated at the court saying, “The arrest of my client was made public and people saw the photographs of him walking on himself. My client is young and what could have happened to him that within months he will be unable to walk? What could have happen to him that his vertebral bones will be shattered?”