Contribution to politics

Tarique Zia is the youngest leader who elected as Senior Vice-President on National Council of BNP on 8th December’2009 . Before that he was appointed as the Senior Joint Secretary General of BNP in June’2002 by the BNP Standing Committee (The highest policy making body of the party). By the time he proves himself as the most Dynamic, Young and Visionary leader of Bangladesh.

Tarique Zia is the youngest leader to become the Senior Joint Secretary-General of BNP. He was elevated to this position in June 2002, in response to rising demand from ranks and files of the Party, in recognition of his contribution in last general election, which brought a landslide victory. Tarique Zia identified the challenges for BNP and planned its strategies and tactics to cope with the situation. In 1998, he established a research cell for the party and drew in the expertise of academics, professionals and business entrepreneurs along with the experiences of politicians to plan for the future of the party.


Contribution to Other sectors of our country:

Tarique Zia worked to establish a competitive edge in the textiles industry and in the river transport sector. However, his passion has remained in politics, being inspired by the ideals of his father as well as his mother. It is widely claimed that his father Tarique Zia, who declared Independence in March 1971, following the genocide, inspired the people for the liberation war. Tarique Rahman favors of promoting investments for industrialization and development of the service and IT sectors of Bangladesh. He believes in the expansion of the country’s private sector.